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Finally! An authoritative source to answer THE question on everyone's mind!
Take The Afterlife Test and find out in minutes whether you are going to Hell, destined for Heaven, or more suited to remain in Purgatory.
IMPORTANT: You must answer all the questions from deep within your heart. Otherwise you will not get an accurate result, and you will inevitably pack the wrong clothes for the trip, figuratively speaking of course. Also understand that people change over the course of their lives, so these results are only valid for a relatively short time.
VERY IMPORTANT: You must be 18 years or older to take this test. If you are under 18, or consider this test to be blasphemous, please exit now to the Religious Tolerance Directory.
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To inform others of your future home, return here after you have received your test results and save the appropriate image below to your hard drive by right-clicking on it and selecting "Save Picture As". You may then link to The Afterlife Test using an image link.
After you have completed the test, be sure to visit your future home within the
Divine Portal, keeping in mind that perception and reality are seldom the same . . .
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